Who Are They Now Game: Round 2 Answers

Click here to see the photos of the mystery kids and click here to read the clues.

After you’ve done that, scroll down to discover the answers and see who the mystery kids grew up to be.

1. Child #1 is Robert Schwartzman, frontman of Rooney:

2. Child #2 is Jeff Conrad, drummer of Phantom Planet:

3. Child #3 is Sherri Dupree of Eisley:

4. Child #4 is Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan:

5. Child #5 is Taylor Locke of Rooney and The Roughs:

6. Child #6 is Sam Farrar, bassist of Phantom Planet:

7. Person #7 is Gene Simmons of KISS:

8 and 9. Children #8 and #9 are Weston and Stacy Dupree of Eisley:

10. Child #10 is Tennessee Thomas, drummer of The Like:

11. Child #11 is Ryan Ross of The Young Veins:

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