Who Are They Now Game: Clues

Before revealing the answers to the Who Are They Now game, here are clues to help you figure the answers out:

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1. Child #1’s middle name is Coppola.

2. Child #2 became a drummer.

3. Child #3 is in a band with Children #8 and 9.

4. Child #4 is in a Canadian band.

5. Child #5 is in a band with Child #1.

6. Child #6 played bass in a band with Child #2.

7. Person #7 has a family reality TV show.

8 and 9. Children #8 and #9 are brother and sister.

10. Child #10 is British but shares her name with a southern U.S. state.

11. Child #11 has an alliterative first and last name.


  1. Re: Child #11

    He uses his middle name, not his first name.

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