The Milk Carton Kids @ Largo: 10/4/12

Photo Credit: Brendan Pattengale

Largo is the perfect intimate venue for The Milk Carton Kids (Joey Ryan + Kenneth Pattengale).

The symmetrical, simple stage setup consisted of 4 microphones — 2 for vocals and 2 for acoustic guitars, with a red velvet curtain as the backdrop.

For the most part, Kenneth focused more on string work while Joey strummed. They were dressed pretty formally in suits, and they harmonized and sang most songs together.

On a couple of songs, though, one took the lead vocally. For example, Joey sang his song “Permanent” and Kenneth took over on “Charlie,” a memorable song to his future daughter.

The audience loved all the jokes, stories, and banter between the two. They also told the crowd about the new album of 12 songs they recorded in 4 days.

Highlights: “New York,” “Michigan,” and the last song before the encore (“I Still Want A Little More”).

*Download The Milk Carton Kids’ albums for free on their website + check out the upcoming tour dates.

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