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The Henry Millers @ Webster

The Henry Millers opened for Hey Ocean! last night at the Studio at Webster Hall…and I’m so happy I saw their set.

The Henry Millers at Webster

The Henry Millers is led by John MacCallum and Katie Schecter, both on guitars and vocals. The band performed songs from their album Daisies, like the second song they played, “Diamonds,” as well as “Predator.”

I loved that they played “Treehouse” too — the female vocals that come in at the end take the song to another level.

The Henry Millers

I wish the album/studio versions sounded as full, powerful, and clear as the live versions.

The band finished their set strong with “Mr. Flash Gordon.” The echo in the choruses of “Gordon, Mr. Flash Gordon” and the interplay between both vocals sounds amazing (it’s more muddled and harder to hear on the recorded version).

+Check out TheHenryMillers.com and on Facebook

Mainland Concert: 3-23-13

Mainland Band

Mainland was the first band that played at the Sucre show at Webster Hall (presented by Nylon Magazine) on Saturday night.

Mainland managed to draw in a sizeable crowd, and their best songs were “Margot” (the chorus of which is really catchy) and their penultimate song “The Stroll” (music video below).

Mainland Band at Webster

+Mainland on Facebook and Twitter

“The Stroll”:

The Jim Ivins Band @ Webster

I got to the Studio @ Webster Hall early on Friday to catch The Jim Ivins Band open for Rooney’s Robert Schwartzman.

The band started strong with “Run” — very catchy chorus. Most of their songs sound like late 90s/early 2000s power pop.

The sound was good and full, but 5 people made the stage too crowded. I think they would’ve been tighter with 3 or 4 band members, ditching the extraneous Korg keyboard.

I’d be interested in hearing some of these songs stripped down/acoustic.

“Rollercoaster” was a highlight, and they ended their set with “Everything We Wanted.”

The Jim Ivins Band: Facebook + Twitter

Nada Surf: “Your Legs Grow”

Nada Surf playing “Your Legs Grow” with just vocals + electric guitar at Webster Hall several months ago:

Ume at Webster Hall: 8/2/12

Ume (pronounced “ooh-may”) opened for The Toadies and Helmet last night, and I’m glad I arrived early to catch their set.

For a band of only three people, Ume had incredible power — they blasted sound and strength out into the crowd at Webster Hall.

Frontwoman Lauren Larson’s frenetic energy and distorted guitar meant lots of movement — Ume is perfectly suited to playing on a huge stage with ample room to move about.

While some may prefer the raw energy of their live show, I prefer the nuances on their album. The standout tracks on album Phantoms are “Captive,” “Destroyer,” and “Dancing Blind.”



Ume on Twitter

Michael Runion Video + JJAMZ

Michael Runion of JJAMZ took some time before last night’s Webster Hall show to talk to After The Show — JJAMZ‘s debut album Suicide Pact is out now.

Plus a few shots I took of JJAMZ’s spectacular show at Webster Hall (but I was really just focused on the music):

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