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“It’s Okay” Acoustic

Unfortunately there haven’t been any news/updates from Land of Talk for a while, but I recently discovered this video of  “It’s Okay” acoustic in what looks like a rug store:


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Vimeo vs. YouTube

YouTube is definitely the most popular video website, but Vimeo is steadily gaining fans.

Compared to YouTube’s cluttered comments section and increasing number of advertisements before videos, Vimeo has a much cleaner look and more personal feel.

It’s a good idea to periodically check Vimeo for new video uploads of your favorite bands. Only relying on YouTube could mean that you miss out on great concert videos.

For example, I recently found an entire Rilo Kiley concert (from May 2005 at Austin City Limits) on Vimeo — Vimeo is the only place on the Internet to watch this concert.

Set list: “Pull Me in Tighter,” “More Adventurous,” “Ripchord,” “The Absence of God,” “Does He Love You?,” and “I Love LA.”


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