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Using Music to Learn Vocabulary: Part 4

Even more good vocabulary words are in the 4th installment of “Using Music to Learn Vocabulary”!

1. Treacle: “Black Treacle” by Arctic Monkeys

Treacle means cloying speech or sentiment. In Britain, treacle also refers to molasses.

2. Myna: “Indian Myna” by Ben Lee

A myna is a type of bird native to Asia. The myna is an omnivorous bird with a strong territorial instinct that has adapted extremely well to urban environments. The myna is also an important motif in Indian literature.

3. Halcyon: “Halcyon” by Orbital

Halcyon is an adjective that describes a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

4. Matador: “Matador” by Maria Taylor

A matador is a bullfighter whose job is to kill the bull.

5. Synesthete: “Synesthete Song” by Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band

A synesthete is someone who experiences synesthesia, the condition of perceiving sounds as specific colors or colors as specific sounds.

6. Tundra: “To Tundra” by Los Campesinos!

Tundra refers to a treeless area that has a permanently frozen subsoil and supports low-growing vegetation like mosses, shrubs, and lichens.


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