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Spice Girls: “Leader of the Gang”

In the 1990s, the Spice Girls recorded a cover of “Leader of the Gang” but never released it.

The song was in the 1997 movie Spiceworld:

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Same Title, Different Song

Below are a collection of good songs with the same title — while they may share a title, these songs are definitely different from one another:

“After Hours” (Velvet Underground cover) by Rilo Kiley:

“After Hours” (Acoustic) by Phantom Planet:

“Dance With Me (Tonight)” by The Wonders:

“Dance With Me” by Uh Huh Her:

“Thinking of You” by Hanson:

“Thinking of You” (Acoustic) by Katy Perry:

“Give a Little Love” by Noah and the Whale:

“Give a Little Love” by Rilo Kiley:

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