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Savoir Adore

Savoire Adore play a medley of their songs “Hollywood” and “Early Bird” for Daytrotter, back in 2010:

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Terrace Club @ Princeton

The best club to listen to bands at Princeton University is Terrace. Located at 62 Washington Road, Terrace features concerts on most Thursday and Saturday nights.

Last night (March 4), Savoir Adore and Mon Khmer played at Terrace.

Savoir Adore are a great five-piece band with boy/girl vocals. Their best songs were “We Talk Like Machines” and “Early Bird.”

Savoir Adore combine the energy of The Jealous Girlfriends with the melodic quality of The Delgados.

Mon Khmer’s MySpace

Savoir Adore’s MySpace

For a list of upcoming shows at Terrace, click here.

If you’re a band or agent interested in booking a show at Terrace, contact Social Chair Kelly Reilly at TfcShows@gmail.com

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