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Best TV Theme Songs

Here are some of the best TV theme songs, with a heavy emphasis on the “classic Nickelodeon” shows of the 1990s.


Starting with drums and a short dog bark, Doug’s theme song doesn’t have any words — just “Doo Doo Doo” until the distorted guitar comes in, and a chorus sings “Na Na Na Na” as bongos end the song.


A drumroll leads into a marimba/woodwind xylophone instrumental in the Rugrats theme song.

Lizzie McGuire:

The theme song for Lizzie McGuire was always a mystery — Disney didn’t credit anyone with writing or singing the song. People speculated that Hallie Todd, the actress who played the mom on the show, sang the song. Disney finally revealed that one of its studio singers, Angie Jaree, sang the song.

Boy Meets World:

Boy Meets World had different theme songs throughout its runtime, but this one has a late 1980s/early 1990s feel, and it’s a big improvement of the previous instrumental one.

Rocko’s Modern Life:

The B-52s recorded this theme song, which relies heavily on sound effects and repeats the show’s title.

All That:

TLC recorded All That’s theme song, which is notable for its early use of rap and spoken word.

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