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Jenny and Johnny: Stream Entire Album Early

I’m Having Fun Now by Jenny and Johnny doesn’t come out until August 31st, but you can listen to the entire album as many times as you want here.

If you’ve already heard “Scissor Runner,” “Switchblade,” and “Big Wave,” be sure to listen to “My Pet Snakes,” “Just Like Zeus,” “New Yorker Cartoon,” and “Committed.”

Also, head over to Spin here to watch an interview with Jenny and Johnny at their house!


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How to Discover New Music (Part 1)

Even for music lovers, listening to the same music can get stale. If you feel like your iTunes is repeating the same songs over and over again, you need to update your library!

Keep things fresh. There’s a lot of music out there that’s either plain bad or that you don’t connect with, doesn’t move you, or just isn’t special. But, there are many ways to find new music that you really like.

One word…Podcasts. Some good music podcasts to subscribe to are:

1. KEXP Song of the Day

2. The Interface (Spinner.com)

3. iTunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast

4. KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic

5. NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered

6. XM Weekly Music

7. Suggestions for other good podcasts that you listen to in order to discover new music? Leave them in the comments section, or tweet them to After_The_Show.


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