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Milo Greene: “Perfectly Aligned”

Milo Greene‘s debut album comes out next Tuesday, July 17th.

“Perfectly Aligned” is one of the best songs on the album.┬áLive versions (acoustic and electric) of “Perfectly Aligned” below:

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Milo Greene @ Mercury Lounge + Special Video for YOU

Last night, I discovered a spectacular new band called Milo Greene. Composed of 5 members, the band sounded polished and seasoned despite being relatively new (they haven’t yet released their first record).

Each of the 5 members could easily have fronted his/her own band, but instead they came together to create a powerhouse/supergroup.

I noticed the band’s use of percussive instruments, the drummer’s decision to use mallets which created a full, orchestral sound, and how the band members switched instruments between themselves, playing guitar, bass, and even banjo for different songs in their set.

I’ve never seen a band where all 4 members up front could sing so well, harmonize together, and switch off vocals for different songs.

Check out video clips of “1957” and “Silent Way” that I took from last night’s show at the Mercury Lounge, along with a special video “hello” to YOU – readers of After The Show — from 2 members of Milo Greene, Robbie and Andrew.

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