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Literary Songs

Here are 4 good “literary songs” — songs inspired by/about/thematically similar to works of literature.

“Cemetery Gates” by The Smiths: about Keats, Yeats, Wilde, plagiarism, “‘Ere thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn” (Shakespeare’s Richard III), and prose and poems

“Lost Girls” by Tilly and The Wall: about Henry Darger’s “The Story of the Vivian Girls…” and 19,000 pages

“Hey There Ophelia” by MC Lars: told from the perspective of Hamlet from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”

“Ketchum” by Ben Lee: about Ernest Hemingway

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Best Shazam Discoveries

Shazam, a free iPhone application, helps you identify songs anywhere you go. Just hold up your phone to the music, wait 10 seconds, and Shazam tells you the artist, song, year, and gives you links to download it. You can learn more about Shazam here.

Three of ATS’s best Shazam discoveries of recent are:

1. “Back of the Van” by Ladyhawke. Location: NYC Jamba Juice

2. “Why Can’t I” by Liz Phair. Location: LA Movie Theatre

3. “Hey There Ophelia” by MC Lars. Location: Princeton, NJ

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