Magneta Lane Witchrock

Magneta Lane is back with some great new music — a 4-song EP called Witchrock.

Lexi Valentine shared with After The Show a behind the scenes/songwriter’s perspective look at the upcoming EP.

People in Toronto – you can go to the EP release show (at The Rivoli) on February 14th. More info. at

1. “Burn”

Lexi: It was the first song that was written for Witchrock. 
I wanted to lyrically write something that purged what was going on in our lives at the time. We had been through a lot and I wanted to write something that for us would make us feel better and stronger. I never like to victimize myself and I wasn’t going to start doing it now.

There goes that saying that ‘success is the best form of revenge’ and leaving those things behind that hold you back, hurt you, and limit your growth as a human being. In the most candid sense, we found strength in the idea of just burning it all down.

2. “Good For”

Lexi: The song was about what your mind goes through when you feel you just want to give up at times  – we are all human, it happens. Sometimes there’s that voice in your head that’s giving you that tough love and telling you to get back up again but your mind can be your own worst enemy. Or it can be about a relationship where it’s become almost sadistic. 
I like to leave those interpretations up to the listeners.

3. “Leave The Light On

Lexi: The song is about being a woman in her 20s, exploring the idea that it can be really hard to settle down because you know that there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to be tamed in any way.  She is fighting between her good vs evil sides. You can’t hate her because she is completely self-aware and apologetic.

4. “Lucky”

Lexi: “Lucky” was written about women, and how we are pitted against each other and how ridiculous that is. It’s about two types of women – the ones who go along with everything, don’t stand up for themselves and the ones who fight back, the ones who never gave in. And how in the end nothing is worth compromising your own human dignity for – whether it’s another person or group of people, or an idea.

For me it has always been important that we stay true to ourselves. It’s important to have integrity in this world.

Or it can be about a very horrible love triangle. Haha!

After The Show: “Lucky” is the catchiest, most classic Magneta Lane-sounding. And the background vocals in the chorus of “Good For” are perfect.

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