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Los Campesinos! Live

Los Campesinos! play their song “You! Me! Dancing!” back in 2010:

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Pavement: “Frontwards” Covers

I just discovered that Los Campesinos’ song “Frontwards” is actually a cover.

Pavement did the original “Frontwards”:

Los Campesinos succeeds in striking the balance between maintaining the original version’s catchiness while also stamping their unique sound onto it.

Appendix Out also covered “Frontwards,” offering an acoustic, more mellow take on the song:

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Los Campesinos! Announce New Member

Los Campesinos!, the 7-piece band from Cardiff, Wales, announced early in the summer that Aleks was leaving the band to pursue her studies.

Finally, the band has replaced Aleks Campesinos! with new member, Kim Campesinos! ┬áCheck out the band’s Twitter for current photos from rehearsals.


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