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Jeremy Sparrow EP

Jeremy Sparrow (aka Danish songwriter Lasse Smed) recently released The Go-Getters, a seven song EP filled with some amazing music.

The overall sound is guitar-driven, jangle pop. People who love music and adore the experience of being in a band will understand these songs.

Jeremy Sparrow Go Getters

All seven songs are really, really good. The EP tackles themes of youthful ambition, struggle, and it captures the feeling of trying to make music your life’s work.

Standout tracks are “Q&A With My Dad” (with the line “the only thing that pushes me to try hard is the feeling I get when I pick up a guitar”), the catchy chorus of “The Trouble With Couples,” and the falsetto hook of “I Go To Pieces.”

Title track “The Go-Getters” is my favorite song on the EP. It’s about being in a band that breaks up…”Through a whirlwind of crushed dreams, I really believed in our sound, ’cause our songs made sense to me, you guys completed me, and when we performed I felt free.”

Hopefully Lasse brings Jeremy Sparrow to America sometime this year! You can listen to the EP below:

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