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Land Of Talk @ Bowery

Land Of Talk play new song “This Time” at Bowery Ballroom last week:

“This Time”

Land of Talk’s new song “This Time” —

New Video: Land of Talk

Land of Talk plays “Some Are Lakes” a couple weeks ago in NYC:

Elizabeth Powell Returns

Land of Talk played at a Canadian music festival two weekends ago–¬†after not playing publicly for years and after a years-long internet silence!

Check out a video of “Quarry Hymns” from the set:


Have you been missing Land Of Talk, wishing Lizzie Powell would release new music, or wondering if the band will ever release a statement on their indefinite (possibly permanent) hiatus?

I found a bunch of ELE_K*¬†(pre-Land Of Talk) songs on YouTube including a really early, fast version of “It’s Okay” and a song called “Care About.” These tracks aren’t new Land of Talk songs, but they’re definitely better than nothing (if you haven’t heard them before):

“Some Are Lakes”

A classic track by Land of Talk, “Some Are Lakes” —

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