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Joseph King: Inside The Songs

Photo by Marica Honychurch

Photo by Marica Honychurch

Joseph King (former frontman of the bands Deadbeat Darling and Canvas) shares an inside look at the inspiration for his new single, “Don’t Be So Alarmist,” and b-side, “Wake Up Woman.”

King’s debut solo EP, called Wanderlusting (RockArmy Records) doesn’t come out until February 2014, but here’s a first listen + inside look:

“Don’t Be So Alarmist”

“I wrote this song while i was living in Austin last Spring playing a residency. I feel like it’s the tune that set the tone and direction for the album lyrically and sound-wise. I have a (beautiful) female friend who lives a few blocks from me here in Brooklyn…This song is my humble advice to her…”

“Wake Up Woman”

“I was madly in love with a woman throughout the entirety of last year. She was surrounded by people who were very against us being together, and concocted story after story about me to try to end us, many of which had influence over her. This tune is a little nod towards that experience…”

Thanks for sharing Joseph!  New Yorkers, you can catch Joseph King at Mercury Lounge on December 11th.

Deadbeat Darling – “Smart” Duet

This past Saturday night in NYC, Nina of Girl in a Coma and Joseph King of Deadbeat Darling turned the song “Smart” into an acoustic duet!

Check it out:

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