How do you discover new music? From listening to Pandora, reading music blogs, catching the opening acts of concerts, getting recommendations from friends, to using Shazam, the world abounds with avenues to find music you love.

3 of the more unusual ways I’ve discovered some of my favorite tunes:

“Daniel Bloom” by Hope ForAGoldenSummer: This band is from Athens, Georgia and I saw a write-up of their latest CD in an obscure local Georgia magazine. The album artwork caught my eye so I googled the band and found this track:

“All Boy Band” by Park Ave: This band, consisting of a very young Conor Oberst and members of Tilly & The Wall and The Faint, existed briefly in the late 90s. I already liked Conor Oberst and Tilly & The Wall, so I was surprised when I came across Park Ave. on YouTube:

“Wait Another Day” by Uh Huh Her: I was reading online about Phantom Planet’s switch from a 5 piece to a 4 piece band. Departed member Jacques Brautbar eventually went on to play guitar on tour as a hired hand with the band Uh Huh Her, which is how I found this:

What about your favorite songs — how did you discover them?