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Stories / Thinking Of You

Hanson play “Stories,” an early (pre-Middle of Nowhere) track back in 1998:

And the band plays another early song, “Thinking of You,” in NYC in 2010:

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Greatest Hits

Hanson played a couple of songs, including “Mmmbop,” on the latest episode of ABC’s Greatest Hits:

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Yahoo! Live Concert Stream

Hanson Yahoo Chicago Live Stream

Yahoo! is live streaming Hanson’s show in Chicago tonight.

Head to Yahoo! Live at 5:30pm PT to watch the show.

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“With You In Your Dreams”

Solo piano version of “With You In Your Dreams” by Hanson, from a few months ago:

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“I Will Come To You”

Live acoustic video of “I Will Come To You” by Hanson:

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“A Minute Without You”

In this video from May 2007, Hanson play a live, semi-acoustic version of “A Minute Without You” to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of Middle Of Nowhere:

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