Today Ben Kweller released a 3 minute, 43 second “musical collage” of his upcoming new album, called Go Fly A Kite, which comes out February 7th, 2012.

The “musical collage” is a collection of the beginning and ending of each of the 11 songs off the new album.

Listen on SoundCloud.

1. Mean To Me (Intro)
2. Out The Door (Intro)
3. Jealous Girl (Intro)
4. Gossip (Intro)
5. Free (Intro)
6. Full Circle (Intro)
7. Justify Me (Intro)
8. The Rainbow (Intro)
9. Time Will Save The Day (Intro)
10. I Miss you (Intro)
11. You Can Count on Me (Intro)
11. You Can Count On Me (outro)
10. I Miss You (outro)
9. Time Will Save The Day (outro)
8. The Rainbow (outro)
7. Justify Me (outro)
6. Full Circle (outro)
5. Free (outro)
4. Gossip (outro)
3. Jealous girl (outro)
2. Out The Door (outro)
1. Mean to Me (outro)