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“It’s A Shame”

First Aid Kit performs their new song, “It’s A Shame”:

First Aid Kit Perform For Emmylou Harris

Palliative Band Names

Palliative band names refer to bands with names related to relieving or alleviating pain:

1. First Aid Kit

“Shattered And Hollow”

2. The Cure

“Boys Don’t Cry”

3. Therapy? — an alternative metal band from Ireland

4. Band Aid — a charity supergroup featuring mostly British & Irish musicians

Let me know if there are any more that you can think of!

“Stay Gold”

A great video of First Aid Kit playing “Stay Gold” earlier this week in London.

The band wrote “Stay Gold” based on the Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.”


Nice video of First Aid Kit playing “Blue” from 2012:

Trivia: First Aid Kit sing background vocals on the new Jenny Lewis song “The Voyager” — from the record of the same name that just came out today!

“Stay Gold” Live

First Aid Kit recently played “Stay Gold” (from their new record) in LA:

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