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Changes at Daytrotter

Daytrotter¬†announced that it’s changing from a free site to a paid membership site.

It will only cost $2 a month, and you’ll get member benefits like no more ads and live streaming sessions as the bands play.

I think another benefit of membership should be more accurate artwork. Daytrotter’s artwork always manages to make the band members look extremely ugly.

See examples of Daytrotter’s depiction vs. real photograph below:

Pete Yorn:

Pete Yorn does not really have strange facial rashes and a lopsided face:

Best Coast:

Beth of Best Coast is not really an angry Native American with blood stains on her cheeks:

Juliette Lewis:

Juliette Lewis doesn’t really look like a frumpy cat-lady:

Rural Alberta Advantage:

The band is not really that plain/ugly-looking:

Holly Miranda:

Holly Miranda is not, and has never been, an obese redhead, as Daytrotter’s image implies:

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