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Christy & Emily @ Mercury Lounge

Christy & Emily opened for Lavender Diamond last night at NY’s Mercury Lounge.

The duo was joined by a drummer, bassist, and (on a few songs) background singer. The band started with the older “Firefly” and continued with their distinctive piano-driven songs.

I could really hear the influence of classical piano parts seeping into the songs, and the band was strongest when the emphasis was on Emily’s voice and piano.

Highlight: “Little World” was amazing live, with building drums that matched perfectly with accented guitar strums. It sounded like a completely different song than the album version, which lacks drums and tension/resolve.

Lowlight: Not enough people came early to catch Christy & Emily’s set.

Check out “Bells” and “Lovers Talk” from the latest album Tic-Tac-Toe:

Christy & Emily’s official website

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