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BK 2007

Ben Kweller playing “Until I Die” in Brooklyn back in 2007:

Village Underground

Exciting find! Someone recently uploaded to YouTube a video of a full concert (41 minutes) that Ben Lee played back in February 2001 at Village Underground in NYC, right by Washington Square Park.

This show is notable because

1. It was a (rare) afternoon show…that happened almost 15 years ago

2. Ben Kweller and Evan Dando were also on the lineup, and

3. I’ve had some of the audio files from this show on my computer for years, so it’s strange to finally see the visuals in conjunction with the audio

Songs include “Nothing Much Happens,” “10 Feet Tall,” “How Can That Be,” and “Unlove Letters.”

Defensive Modernism

Defensive Modernism in art and architecture is a reaction against the chaotic, frightening aspects associated with a modern, urban milieu (ex: Art Nouveau).

Defensive Modernist art has a tendency to reject the uncertainty of modern times, favoring a more halcyon past time.

The four songs below deal with Defensive Modernist themes:

“My Apartment” by Ben Kweller:

“Modern Day Love Song” by Bethany Sharayah:

“End of An Era” by The Like:

“Execution Of All Things” by Rilo Kiley:

Go Fly A Kite: Musical Collage

Today Ben Kweller released a 3 minute, 43 second “musical collage” of his upcoming new album, called Go Fly A Kite, which comes out February 7th, 2012.

The “musical collage” is a collection of the beginning and ending of each of the 11 songs off the new album.

Listen on SoundCloud.

1. Mean To Me (Intro)
2. Out The Door (Intro)
3. Jealous Girl (Intro)
4. Gossip (Intro)
5. Free (Intro)
6. Full Circle (Intro)
7. Justify Me (Intro)
8. The Rainbow (Intro)
9. Time Will Save The Day (Intro)
10. I Miss you (Intro)
11. You Can Count on Me (Intro)
11. You Can Count On Me (outro)
10. I Miss You (outro)
9. Time Will Save The Day (outro)
8. The Rainbow (outro)
7. Justify Me (outro)
6. Full Circle (outro)
5. Free (outro)
4. Gossip (outro)
3. Jealous girl (outro)
2. Out The Door (outro)
1. Mean to Me (outro)

There is a new Ben Kweller album coming

A couple days ago I got this envelope in the mail:

With these stickers:

Ben Kweller’s Toddler Drummer

Watch Ben Kweller’s two-year-old son playing drums for him at a concert!

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