Uh Huh Her were nice enough to share a first listen, one minute preview of their new single “Innocence” (which comes out on February 4th) AND answer some questions about their upcoming “Avant Pop” LP, Future Souls.

After The Show: What is “Innocence” about…what inspired you to write it?

Uh Huh Her: Without giving too much away, the song is mainly about lost innocence in a world where most people have seen so much at tender young ages because of…the media, on tv, and social media. Knowing everything at all times is such an all encompassing part of existence now, and the song plays to the scarier side of that.

How does “Innocence” fit into the rest of the Future Souls LP?

It plays into the record in that the questions the songs pose are mostly philosophical in nature.  I tend to ask a lot of questions and am constantly wondering…what existence even means, where we are heading and what we are evolving as a species into. It’s super light material. HA. Future Souls is kind of synonymous with those questions.

Anything you want to share about the recording process?

It was very leisurely and experimental and without limitation, so we had a really good time making this album.  We got to collaborate with some amazing folks as well, so that was pretty ace.

I love the vocal harmonies on older songs like “Run” and “Say So.” How does the upcoming album sound compared to Common Reaction?

It’s similar in that we went back to a more electro/pop sound with a little added soul and avant garde structures.  Some songs are like 5 1/2 minutes long and normally we would think twice about that, but this album we just kind of let it all flow.  When the songs end, they end but not because we are trying to fit them into a 3:30 second radio format.  We like to call it AVANT POP at the moment.

How do you balance art and business? Will you do anything differently business-wise this time around?

They are hard to balance.  Obviously we could use more help in so many areas, however with that help comes the loss of control and sometimes money because you’re shelling the majority of it out for all the “help”.  We enjoy the process of knowing our own business from front to back, but some tour support would be nice!!!  =)

“Innocence” will be released on February 4th on iTunes
+Pre-order Future Souls at UhHuhHer.com