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TuneGlue & Music Map

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TuneGlue was a visual music map — you typed in any artist/band, and TuneGlue provided you with a cluster of related artists/bands. It was a quick, easy way to discover music you might not otherwise find.

Life Hacker also has a little write-up explaining how TuneGlue worked.

Music Map is a similar tool — enter the name of any artist/band, and Music Map gives you a free floating, hovering map of related artists.

Although I love music data and analytics, I don’t use sites like TuneGlue or Music Map as a music discovery tool.

They do, however, provide nice alternatives to organize/view/think about music and bands in a different way than you might otherwise.

Music Map Arctic Monkeys

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Kate Nash: Cover of “Fluorescent Adolescent”

Here is a cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ song “Fluorescent Adolescent” by Kate Nash.

The original is better, but Nash’s version, recorded in 2007,  is still interesting. Do you like the female vocals on “Fluorescent Adolescent”?

This YouTube video has over 1,318,939 views!

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Exciting News! Welcome Back to…THE LIKE!

The Like - September 2009

After months of waiting, all female pop/rock band The Like are back! With a great new MySpace and announcement of their tour with the Arctic Monkeys, The Like are back. Z Berg remains on vocals and guitar, Tennessee Thomas continues to drum, and 2 new members — Reni Lane (organ) and Laena Geronimo (bass) — have replaced old bassist Charlotte Froom.

Head over to The Like’s Myspace to listen to four brand new songs! “Wishing He Was Dead” and “He’s Not A Boy” retain The Like’s signature atmospheric vocals, slightly distorted guitars, and powerful drumming. But, listeners get even more with the added organ and skillful production of Mark Ronson. The added layers enhance The Like’s sound and make them a musical powerhouse. Berg’s vocals are clearer, stronger, and more assured than on The Like’s 2005 debut Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

The electric version of “Release Me” shines with Berg’s emotive, vulnerable lyrics and the uncommon drum beat throughout the song. Note: “Release Me” was removed from The Like’s MySpace, but hopefully it will be put back up!

The last song is, in my opinion, the very best: “Narcissus in a Red Dress.” With allusions to Humpty Dumpty and Macbeth, the lyrics are quite clever. Just as importantly, the drums and guitar work together to create a catchy beat and melody. Berg’s aching voice creates the perfect balance between pain and vengeance. The subject of the song, perhaps “you clever little charlatans” — or was that “Charlotte-ans” — is mysterious and intriguing.

Catch The Like, with their new songs and lineup, on tour with the Arctic Monkeys now. Click here for tour dates and ticket information!

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