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“He’s On The Beach”

Covers of “He’s On The Beach” by The Lemonheads and Alvvays (Alvvays’ live cover is the best):

The original by Kirsty MacColl:

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“Atop A Cake”

Alvvays play “Atop A Cake” live in Paris a couple months ago:

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Alvvays: Hidden Studio Session

Alvvays play “Adult Diversion” for Hidden Studio Sessions — great sound and video quality:

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The 3 Best Songs of 2014

Here is After The Show’s list of the 3 Best Songs of 2014 (live performances of each song are below):

3. “Never Work For Free” by Tennis

  • Track #2 on Ritual In Repeat
  • Ritual In Repeat is Tennis’s third studio album, released in September 2014


2. “Talking Backwards” by Real Estate

  • Track #3 on Atlas
  • Atlas is Real Estate’s third studio album, released in March 2014


1. “Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays

  • Track #2 on Alvvays
  • Alvvays is Alvvays’s debut studio album, released in July 2014
  • Drowned In Sound also listed “Archie, Marry Me” as their #1 favorite song of 2014

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Alvvays Tour

Alvvays are back playing shows in the US (they hit The Echo on Friday November 28th).

Here are two recent videos of “Atop A Cake” and “Ones Who Love You” from the band’s 11/11/14 show in Washington, D.C. —

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Alvvays: Tour + Guitar

Alvvays Band

Alvvays is currently on tour in the UK (full tour dates here) but comes back to the US in November.

The band will play an LA show at The Echo on Friday, November 28th (tix here).

In the meantime, here’s a video that shows you how to play “Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays on guitar. It’s super easy but sounds great.

Verse: G, D, Am, C  +  Chorus: G, D/Dsus2/D, Am, C  +  Bridge: Am, C, Am, C  +  End on G

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