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Christina Rubino

If you’ve been on the lookout for new acoustic/alt-country/americana music, check out Christina Rubino’s album Alive From The Scrapheap.


The harmonica at the beginning of “The Gateway” ushers in the album’s 11 gritty, raw songs. But the songs aren’t straight country/americana — there’s a definite New York vibe mixed in, which provides an interesting blend of (traditionally) disparate elements.

At nearly 6 minutes, “Tidal” is the album’s longest track but also one of its best. Despite its length, “Tidal” doesn’t lag or drag on.

Alive From The Scrapheap is definitely not light-hearted or lightweight listening. Because of the heaviness of the songs, the album requires careful listening, preferably alone in a quiet place.

The last track “Billy’s Song” is the perfect close to the album, ending on the lines “Follow God’s love home / Let the music set you free.”

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