Stacy King of Eisley answered some questions about the band’s new album Currents, changing up songs when playing live, and transitioning from a kid musician to an adult musician.

Eisley is currently on tour with Say Anything — catch them tonight and tomorrow at Irving Plaza in NYC.

Stacy Dupree King Interview

After The Show: Lyrically the songs on Currents are more whimsical and figurative than the songs on The Valley. Was it a conscious decision to move in that less literal/straightforward direction?

Stacy: Yes, I think the lyrics are overall just a bit brighter. I think it made for a nice change from The Valley where we were going through some hard personal things. We were angry at a lot of people. Now that we’re in a better place I feel that it’s reflected in both the music and lyrics.

On Currents, I really like the choir effect at the end of “Save My Soul,” as well as “Real World” and “Lost Enemies.” What songs do you most connect with on the new album?

We are big fans of the choir! We grew up all singing together so I feel that it represents our family’s history. I connect a lot with “Millstone” because it was Chauntelle’s first contribution in so many years and I feel very proud of her.

When playing live, you add an intro to “I Could Be There For You,” and several years ago Weston added an amazing drum fill after the bridge of “My Lovely.” How do you decide to make little instrumental or vocal variations when playing live?

The intro to “ICBTFY” just came about because I felt like the show needed something new and we didn’t have any new songs to debut at the time. It’s hard to find ways to add something completely new and different so I thought I’d just build off of a song. Kind of like a prequel.

You were 14 when Warner signed Eisley – being a kid and the youngest sibling in the band, how has the transition to being an adult in a band been? Especially now that you have a family of your own, does it feel like a completely different life/experience?

It was sort of hard in the early days. I often felt a lot of pressure to succeed and please everyone. There were so many forces trying to shape who I was as an artist but after everything I’ve gone through (in regards to all of that) and by failing a few times, I’ve learned to not fear so much. It’s good to be pliable and listen and learn but deep down, you just have to trust yourself.

You recorded Combinations in Malibu – what do you remember about that experience?

It was sort of depressing and beautiful. We were in a gorgeous environment next to the beach but I felt so much pressure and pessimism in regards to the record and the label we were on. There was so much money being spent and people breathing down our necks. I just remember feeling stressed but I have tons of fond memories of us as a band hanging out, laughing… we made some great memories!

Sucre’s “Place To Be” cover worked perfectly, as did your “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” and “Lion’s Mane” covers. Given that so many great songs exist, what are your criteria for picking the right ones to cover?

I chose songs that are very special to me. Both Stevie Nicks and Nick Drake have played an integral part in my development as a song writer and inspired me so much. That’s why I like to sing them; I just feel honored and grateful.

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