Early Winters at Hotel Cafe

Last night, Early Winters (and Nightmare and the Cat) played at the Hotel Cafe.

This show was the second of Early Winters’ March residency, and 4 musicians backed up bandleaders Carina Round and Justin Rutledge.

The band started with “Turn Around,” a song that equally featured both lead singers and reminded me of The Swell Season.

Early Winters then played a song that’s not on their EP, perhaps called “What Kind of King.” A great, more electric, and slightly faster version of “Spanish Burn” was next.

“Light of Day” was a solid, catchy, up-tempo song featuring a keyboard/harpischord-like solo, followed by “Tough Love.”

The band finished its set strong with “One Time In Your Life” — the drums really drove the song and the audience responded well to the music.

Check out Early Winters’ official website here.

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