Duets: Part 4

1. “California Girls” — Beach Boys Cover by Rooney & Ben Lee

2. “California” — Phantom Planet Cover by Mates of State

3. “End of the Affair” — Johnathan Rice & Jenny Lewis

4. “How Now” — The Jealous Girlfriends

5. “One More Day” — Chauntelle Dupree (Eisley) & Zac Hanson


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3 Responses to Duets: Part 4

  1. Hanson and Eisley are two of my favorite bands. How random that Zac and Chauntelle did a duet! When did that happen?

    • aftertheshow

      Yes it’s a great combination! Hanson hosts a songwriters’ retreat called “Fool’s Banquet” every year, and they invited Eisley to it. This song was one of the ones written and recorded during the retreat a couple years ago.

  2. Ah yes, I’ve heard of Fool’s Banquet. How cool. I didn’t even know the two bands were acquainted, but that is truly awesome. I think I “stole” this song back when I used Limewire but had no idea at the time that Chauntelle DuPree was a member of Eisley. Thanks for posting it!