David Vertesi: Cardiography

David Vertesi (Hey Ocean!) released his debut solo album, Cardiography, last week. Although the album is now out in Canada, it won’t be out until early next year in America.

Here’s the tracklisting of the album’s 11 songs:

1. Mountainside

2. Gentlemen Say

3. All Night, All Night, All Night

4. Learn to Run

5. Cardiography

6. Broadcasting

7. Caroline! A Ghost!

8. Rossland

9. Soft Skin

10. Hearts Don’t Break, People Do

11. Epilogue

The best songs are “Caroline! A Ghost!,” “Mountainside,” and “Gentlemen Say.”

Although most of the songs on the album are on the slower side, songs like “Learn to Run” gain momentum and energy as drums build after the half way mark.

The last song of the album, “Epilogue,” cleverly ends with the opening notes of “Gentlemen Say.”

Listen to “Mountainside,” “Gentlemen Say,” and “All Night, All Night, All Night” on David’s MySpace.

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