Brandi Carlile’s New Album

One more week until Brandi Carlile’s new album Bear Creek is out.

I’m looking forward to hearing the studio versions of “Keep Your Heart Young” and “100.”


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4 Responses to Brandi Carlile’s New Album

  1. I am equally ecstatic! I received an e-mail this morning saying my pre-order CD had shipped, and you would have thought I had won the lottery and Santa Claus had personally delivered it! LoL I can’t wait to hear “Keep Your Heart Young” either. And “Raise Hell”…….that is SO fantastic live that it will be hard to beat, but I’m sure she will deliver. 🙂 Happy listening!

  2. Emma

    I’m so excited for this release!! I just came across a great video of her in the studio recording “Save Part of Yourself,” and now I really can’t wait for tomorrow to come 🙂